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Recording Studio, Control Rooms and Sound Room

                                     A   c   o   u   s   t   i   c   s


The recording studio acoustics and control rooms need to consider both the sound proofing aspects of the room and the interior sound quality of the room.

A properly sound proofed recording studio acoustics room ensure that sounds from outside the rooms do not entre the space.  This can be accomplished by having solid insulated wall partitions which extend up to the structure above, ventilation systems to be properly treated so sound does not travel through the ducts, properly sealed solid core doors and check for any air leaks. Once this is completed, the interior acoustic treatment can be considered. Interior surface finishes will Recording Studio Acousticsdetermine how the room will behave as a listening space for music and broadcasting quality.  Acoustic treatment needs to be installed in the appropriate amount so it is not to dead or to lively and at the correct locations to control the sound level.

Recording studio acoustics radio control room

In this recording studio acoustics radio control room, the area has carpeted floors and acoustic fiberglass ceiling tile to absorb part of the interior sound.  To balance and control sound for broadcasting, a 4’ wide horizontal band of 2” thick acoustic panels, with an NRC of 1.00, was installed Recording Studio Sound Proofingaround the room just above desk level. These acoustic panels will control the sound from reflecting back from the gypsum board walls.

The owners of CFWE radio wanted the rooms to look professional and be customized to reflect the essence of the radio station.  Thus our client provided their digital images which were installed on the sound panels.

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