Home Theatre Room Acoustics

Multi-Purpose Home Theatre Room Acoustics


Home theatre or home entertainment rooms are places where you can relax with family and friends to enjoy both visual and audio entertainment. Depending Home Theatre Acoustic Treatmentupon your life style, the room layout, budget and the audio/visual equipment, a variety of different home theatre room acoustics solutions can be designed to meet all levels of room ambience desired.

Careful consideration in the placement of the acoustic treatment within your home theatre needs to be planned so that the room is not to alive with reflection or to dead acoustically. Also without appropriate sound control with in the room audio systems can be comprised and not offer optimal clarity in the dialogue, sound effects and bass impact.

This home theatre entertainment room with a low ceiling has a large area carpet and acoustic ceiling tiles along both sides of the room. After analyzing the room and the client’s requirements, 2” acoustic panels were designed for both the side and the back walls of the home theatre. Installation consisted of 2” thick rectangular panels interspersed with long triangular panels that consist of two layers of 1” thick acoustic panels covered with a ultra-suede fabric in two colors to provide a clean style.Home Theatre Acoustic Treatment

The doors on the side and back wall had glass inserts and a common sense solution was used to provide the needed sound control in the back of the area of the home theatre room and offer a practical cost effective solution. Acoustic panels were manufacture to fit inside the glass area.

Depending upon your needs and budget, the acoustic treatment can be designed to complement your desired audio experience and décor theme. These designed acoustic panels will need be located properly in order to provide the required sound control for a clear audio experience.

For more information or questions about home theatre room Acoustics or treatment for your home theatre and the quality sound quality it can provide, please feel free to contact us.

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