Home Theatre Acoustic Design

 Home Theatre Acoustic Design


This well designed, attractive and functional home theatre acoustic has elevated the movie experience for the owner.  He spent many hours researching and having a total home theatre design developed to suit his dream room.

A variety of different sound control treatments have been used to create the desired home theatre acoustic.  On the ceiling, there are 4’ x 4’ suspended acoustic panels constructed of 2” thick 703 rigid fiberglass with perforated board face and covered in a designer fabric in a dark tone to reduce screen reflection.  On the side walls, there are areas of perforated board over 2” thick 703 rigid fiberglass, untreated gypsum board areas and 2” thick sound absorbing 703 rigid fiberglass insulation.  All this treatment is covered with a soft subdue designer fabric which has been installed using Griptex stretch fabric system to provide a smooth tailored custom finish.  To balance out the acoustics, floor to ceiling bass trap are located in the front and back corners. These bass units are constructed using 703 fiberglass installed behind a rubber liner that has been covered with fabric in a darker tone.

This home theatre works well both acoustically and visually. The theatre room is very attractive with fantastic sound quality and the client is very pleased with the results he has been able to obtain with this home theatre acoustic design.

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Digital Photo Images

Digital photo images offer a new solution by incorporating acoustic treatment inconspicuously for commercial and residential spaces, and are an excellent way to manage and enhance acoustic sound quality in many different kinds of rooms. You can submit your own high quality digital image or selected from an internet image site. Photos are printed on acoustic fabric and carefully placed within well designed acoustic panels.

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