Griptex Track System

Griptex Track System

Griptex Track System – Stretch Fabric Locking system

The Griptex track system by Fabra-Wall is a concealed PVC track for on-site application of acoustic wall and ceiling sound treatment. The Griptex track system is a locking, flame rated polymer extrusion, which is used to stretch fabric over an acoustical or tackable core, and firmly clip the fabric in place to prevent sagging. It is available in different profiles and thicknesses, which can be used to create different looks in a room.

The Griptex PVC track system is used to provide a custom fit acoustic solution, a decorative wall or ceiling finish or both. It easily adapts to any room size, shape, or condition and can be installed in distinctive lines, with or without reveals, or in many graphic designs. This field applied acoustic system insures a precisely aligned installation that can be applied over virtually any substrate with the fabric being neatly fitted to suit most any architectural detail.

With the Griptex Track System if the appearance of an area is to be changed or upgraded, the fabric can be quickly and easily replaced. The track is simply unlocked, the existing fabric removed, and new fabric installed. This system makes a valuable component of our sound proofing solutions.

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