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Why do I need Acoustics?  What are acoustic panels used for?

Acoustic panels are used to reduce general noise, improve clarity of speech, reduce reverberation and improve overall sound quality of a space. They provide excellent sound absorption at high and mid-range frequencies.  Sound panels are placed at the first reflection points in a listening room to reduce reverb and improve overall sound quality.  Acoustic panels stop sound waves from bouncing back and forth yielding better stereo imaging and greater depth of sound.

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How do I build a good home studio?

A home studio relies on a combination of soundproofing and acoustic absorption-diffusion.  Careful thought needs to be given to what it is exactly you are trying to accomplish.


What is the difference between soundproofing and reverberation control?

Soundproofing is to stop sound from passing through some thing. If I treat my room with acoustic panels, will I hear less noise from my neighbor or the room beside me?  

Acoustic panels are not designed for that purpose.They provide excellent sound absorption inside a room; they do not impact the amount of sound transmitted through the walls or ceiling.

Reverberation creates echo.  Sound bouncing around a room that is not absorbed takes longer to dissipate.  The natural reaction is to talk louder to be heard but this amplifies the sound level.

What’s the difference between an acoustic panel and a bass trap?

Acoustic panels are designed mainly to absorb high and mid-range frequencies (human voice, treble …)  Bass traps are a thicker and denser version of acoustic panels which are designed to absorb low frequencies down to 40 Hz...  (a link to our acoustic panel page)

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How many acoustic panels and/or bass traps do I need to reduce echo?

It all depends on the volume, shape, size, and surface finishes of the room.  The intended use of the space also needs to be considered.  A general rule of thumb, 25-30% of wall and ceilings need to have acoustic treatment.  If you provide the size and details of your room along with pictures, we can provide you a recommendation in the amount and location of the acoustic panels for your specific situation.

How are your panels installed on the wall and / or ceiling?

We offer a variety of installation hardware designed to suit different applications.  The installation method will be discussed upon ordering acoustic wall/ceiling panels, baffles, and bass traps to ensure the appropriate hardware is included with your order.

Can I order custom-sized panels?

Yes, we custom manufacture acoustic panels to suit your design criteria.  Besides offering standard panel design, we develop creatively designed acoustic treatments for walls and ceilings.  Click here for acoustic panel page

What’s inside your panels?

We work will a variety of acoustical cores depending upon the budget and design considerations – mineral wool, standard fiberglass, and formaldehyde-free fiberglass.

I need help with my room acoustics, how do I contact you?

We offer a free consultation either on-site or through submittals of your pictures, dimensions of the room, and information on the space that requiring acoustic treatment.  Click here to contact us

What are my fabric and color options?

We can offer a variety of different fabric types which are available in many colors. We carry some stock for quick turnaround projects.

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