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Multi-Purpose Home Theatre Rooms

Multi-Purpose Home Theatre Rooms Multi-Purpose Home Theatre Home theatres or home entertainment rooms are places where you can relax with family and friends to enjoy both visual and audio entertainment.  Depending upon
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Improving your Home Acoustic Environment  

Improving your Home Acoustic Environment Improve Your Home Acoustic Environment Today’s home interiors are being designed with hard floor finishes for ease of maintenance and to add a rich décor.  By removing
How sound works

How Sound Works

How Sound Works This is best explained by some examples:  If you are in a room where the windows are closed, the door is closed shut and there is weather stripping around
Acoustic panels

The Mystery of Acoustic Panels

The Mystery of Acoustic PanelsThe How and Why of Acoustic Panels?Acoustic panels are specifically designed to dampen echo, reverberation and reduce the amount of reflected sound with the appropriate amount
Community hall acoustics

Case Study – Community Hall Acoustic Solution

Case Study – Community Hall Acoustic SolutionCommunity Hall Acoustics - SolutionWe were contacted by a community hall, which had recently been remodeled; they were having sound issues in the main