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Acoustic Panels for wall and ceiling

Pre-manufactured acoustic panels are designed to improve the sound quality in a room so you can hear conversations, music, and other sounds clearly with no annoying echoes or loss of fidelity. When strategically placed in the appropriate quantity, acoustic panels offer an economical and effective sound to reduce unwanted noise, control reverberation, and alleviate acoustical annoyances.

The sound-absorbing panels consist of a standard or high-impact acoustic core and are covered in an acoustically transparent fabric available in a variety of styles and colors. 

Standard acoustic panels are manufactured in standard sizes of 2’x4’, 4’ x 4’ and thicknesses of 1” or 2” being designed for wall or ceiling application. Also, a variety of custom sizes, shapes, and thicknesses can be manufactured to suit the acoustic design and to obtain the required acoustic rating. 

Panels can be fastened with impaling fasteners, TrueGrip fasteners, or Fastack hook and hook system.

They can be used in a variety of applications: 

Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Meeting and Conference Rooms

Lecture and Conference Halls 

Libraries, Quiet, and Mediation Rooms


Community and Worship Centres


Home and Professional Recording Studios

Home and Public Theatres

Any other space experiencing noise escalations and reverberations

Acoustic Wall panels
St Mary Acoustics
pool Acoustics

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