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Poor acoustics has been a phenomenon in many public spaces.  Proper acoustics needs to be introduced to reduce the noise level.  Most people accept noise as normal without being aware there are reasonable solutions to control the sound problem.

To correct these noise/sound concerns, consideration needs to be given to the shape and volume of the area, the surface finishes, the type of activities, the sound system, and the budget.  Acoustics is most cost-efficient when it is considered in the initial stages of the design.  Whether designing an office space or a home theatre, consideration needs to be given to the quality of the sound in the room and how you would like the environment to feel acoustical when it is being used.

Excessive noise, high-pitched sounds, or unclear listening environments can be corrected. Following the application of the appropriate acoustic treatment, people remark on the difference in the sound quality of the area.  A good acoustic environment reduces stress, distractions, and frustrations.  

N.R.C. Noise Reduction Coefficient 

NRC is based on a human speech frequency of 250 Hz to 2000 Hz, therefore, providing a simple scale of how well a surface material will absorb the human voice.  NRC is a numerical value of how well a surface material absorbs sound energy.

Sound absorption of acoustic panels or treatment is when the sound waves, at various frequencies, hits the surface and are absorbed and not reflected.  

Fabra-Wall Sound Absorption Values

sound absorption graph

1” panel or treatment with breathable fabric =  0.85 NRC

2” panel or treatment with breathable fabric =  1.0 NRC




When the noise is between two areas, this means it is a sound transmission concern.  The effectiveness of a wall or ceiling to stop sound from passing through is determined by the wall or ceiling structure.  To create speech privacy and noise control between two spaces, the walls or ceiling have to be built correctly.  The surface may need to be remedied structurally and all sources of air leakage need to be sealed.        


When it is a noisy room or space, this means it is a sound absorption concern.  When the incidence of sound or noise hits hard surface walls, floor or ceilings, it is reflected and amplified in the space which has all hard surface finishes causing reverberation/echo.  By adding sound-absorbing material in the appropriate location, the sound waves are absorbed and not reflected thus reducing the reverberation and unwanted noise.  The more a material is fibrous the better the absorption.  When the proper amount of treatment is used within a space, you will notice the clarity of sound for speech and music.  

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