Design and Installation

Griptex track, a solution for Acoustic Design and Installation

The installation of Griptex track will enhance the interior environment while providing solutions to acoustic design and installation challenges. It can be installed to create a basic panel look or be laid out in a graphic design. The track system can be fastened to virtually any surface,  providing a neat, tailored finish with either fine or distinctive lines.

While aesthetics is of great importance in tele-conference rooms, meeting rooms, banquet halls or other facilities, proper acoustics is vital in creating a clear listening environment.

Recording and sound studios have the special acoustical requirements in controlling the sound generated within the room. By acoustically covering the hard surfaces, reverberation is eliminated so only the direct clear sound is heard and recorded.

Open offices, waiting areas, restaurants and hospitals all have areas where unwanted noise needs to be controlled to provide a more comfortable space for both conversation and privacy. By adding the appropriate sound absorbing treatment in the proper locations, the noise level will be controlled.