Home Piano Room - Planning for Good Acoustics

Home Piano Room or any Music Room

A key to what makes a piano room great is acoustics, as excessive noise reverberation will impair the sound quality. Turning a room into a dedicated piano room involves the consideration of many factors, like the type and use of the piano, the shape and size of the room, the present interior finishes, and the aesthetics.  This will apply to any room used for playing musical instruments.

To control sound reflection, sound-absorbing materials need to be used in appropriate locations while still having areas with sound diffusion.  This will evenly distribute high and mid-range frequencies providing greater clarity and depth of original sound.

 In this room, the wall surfaces were all hard.  The floor is hardwood with a centre light carpet area which provides control of sound directly from the piano.   Although, to control the overall room reverberation, high-density sound absorptive acoustic panels are required in order to control the primary sound reflections.  These panels were spaced on the walls allowing for both sound absorption and sound diffusion, thus providing balance in controlling the overall sound of the room.

piano wall panels