Improving Home Acoustics

Improving Home Acoustics and Your Listening Environment

Today’s home interiors are being designed with hard floor finishes for ease of maintenance and to add a rich décor.  By removing the carpet flooring, there has been an increased the noise levels with our home and reduced the enjoyment of many areas like living rooms and foyers.  Added to this modern homes and lifestyles incorporate many more sound  generating activities from watching movies, playing computer games and listening to quality music.

Acoustic Photo Panels

Acoustic Photo Panels

  These new lifestyles and the hard surface finishes of our interior spaces are creating unwanted reverberation and an uncomfortable noisy environment where in many spaces we cannot achieve optimum enjoyment of the activity or are unable to relax in a quiet comfortable space to listen to music. So improving home acoustics to compensate for the lifestyle changes is becoming increasing more important to  get quality sound.

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For quality sound, less reverberation and reduced noise levels, acoustic panels need to be installed in today’s homes. In many rooms, they are first installed behind the seating to absorb sound from television or video games.  There are various design options for acoustic treatment in residential spaces.  The acoustic panels can blended with the wall.  The acoustic panels can have a decorative fabric to add a theme to the area.  Photos can be printed digitally on fabric and you can have your custom photo acoustic panels with a favorite scene, a memorable portrait or an artist photograph you have taken. This is a great way to improve home acoustics.

 Acoustic Photo Art Panels is a specialty of  Fabra-Wall. Check out a few examples… Click Here

Acoustic photo art panels can be manufactured in custom sizes to suit the image and room décor.  In addition, as digital printing can be up to 10’wide, they

can cover a whole wall when installed using our Griptex stretch fabric system.  This stretch fabric system or upholstery wall treatm

ent adds a different dimension to the aesthetics, look and feel of the space. Site installed acoustic treatment which can be installed floor to ceiling and wall to wall offers great

flexibility and provide high level of inconspicuous acoustic treatment.  If photo art panels are not desired for the space, elegant fabric in various textures and colour are available.

If a living room or space has a high vaulted ceiling, acoustic treatment needs to be strategically placed on the ceiling to control the sound reflections from the hard floor surfaces.  Here like the wall treatment, the acoustic treatment can be designed with acoustic panels which blend, or in creative

Improving Home Acoustic - Ceiling Panels

Improving Home Acoustic - Ceiling Panels

shaped acoustic panels or as a stretch fabric system to cover over the total area to give a monolithic appearance.

Improving the acoustic environment of your interior rooms and achieving quality sound does not have to be uninteresting or commercial looking. Acoustic panels are available in a large selection of decorative fabric textures and colours. They can be manufactured in many various sizes and shapes – square, round, triangular, even in the shape of clouds.  These panels can be installed against the surface or away so that lights can be installed behind the sound absorbing panel.  By installing the panels away from the surface, the acoustic performance is increased and with adding lights an

intimate and cosy atmosphere can be created.

Today there is a spectrum of creative design possibilities to incorporate acoustic treatment into our living spaces.  Good sound control without echo and unwanted noise is easily attainable so music is heard in the best conditions, computer game sound effects are crisp and clear, and home theater systems are fully enjoyed providing optimum sound quality. Our innovative ideas and products give our clients many options for Improving Home Acoustics.

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