Call Centre Acoustic

This call center recently moved to a new causal office space and wanted modern open feel office partitions.  They choose partitions with the glass so the staff was able to see each other and be able to communicate with each other.   Once the call center became operational, they realized that they had a noise problem and Call Centre Acousticsthe staff had a hard time to talk on the phone.

The starting point to improve any workspace acoustics is to understand the clients concerns and requirements for the work space.  After which we consider the room layout, type of hard surfaces and the reverberation time of the area. With this information a special acoustic treatment plan can be developed to improve the acoustic environment and maintain the decor of the office space.

In this call center, it is important for the staff to be able to communicate not only with their clients on the phone but also with each other.  Management wanted to have an open airy space.  The three joined areas of this call center had hard wall and ceiling finishes and a window wall.  The floor had a commercial smooth carpet.  With the glass in the partitions and the sound reflective wall and ceiling surfaces, sound bounced around the space and was amplified making it difficult to communicate comfortably with their clients on the phone.  This results in employee fatigue and stress.

To control the noise level, the ceiling was the most effective location to install acoustic panels.   As the ceiling was low ceiling, the best acoustic solution was to install flat panels.  To obtain maximum sound absorbency (N.R.C. 1.00) the panels were 2” thick and to provide a cost effective solution they were manufactured in a standard 4’ x 4’ size.

The acoustic ceiling panels needed to be placed over the workstations and to be distributed an evenly as possible within the room taking consideration of the Call Centrelocation of the lights, sprinklers and any mechanical items.

After the installation, the employees were very happy and surprise at the amount of noise reduction within their work environment.  The manager sent us a nice note thanking us for the effective acoustic solution for their call center.

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